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Electronic Weighing Scale

Table Top Scale

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E Value
Pan Size (mm)

1 Kg.100 mg
175 x 225
TTS-022 Kg.200 mg175 x 225
TTS-055 Kg.500 mg240 x 300
280 x 340
TTS-1010 Kg.1 mg240 x 300
280 x 340
TTS-2020 Kg.2 mg240 x 300
280 x 340
TTS-3010/20/30 Kg.1/2/5 mg240 x 300
280 x 340
TTS-4040 Kg.5 mg240 x 300
280 x 340
TTS-5050 Kg.5 mg-
280 x 340
TTS-6060 Kg.
10 mg-
280 x 340

Price computing scale

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Features :


Application : Techno Price computing allows user to do price calculate, Amount Accounting, Stock Accounting, Billing and Tax Calculation, Printing of Bill and Report. It is widely suitable for small and medium shop, Retail Outlet, Sweet Shop, Vegetable Shop, Industries etc.